Does your home need a facelift? Steady Hands painting also specializes in siding repair and replacement. Our services include:

Vinyl Lap Siding

Vinyl is the most economical siding choice.  It is relatively easy to install and an entire home can be sided in a short period of time.  In many cases vinyl siding can be installed over a home’s existing siding, which lowers cost.  Other than cost, the other major benefit is that vinyl siding is maintenance free.

When purchasing vinyl siding, the thickness and ultra-violet rating are two important specifications to look at.  Thinner vinyl siding usually has a poor ultra-violet rating causing it to fade within a few years.  If vinyl is the right choice for you, we will steer you towards the highest quality materials.

Wood Siding

Wood siding is the most traditional and time-proven method.  With proper painting maintenance, wood provides a sophisticated look to a home and can be modified for a custom look and finish with greater ease than other siding products.  The two most common types of wood siding are horizontal lap siding and vertical panel siding.

It is common for wood-paneled siding to rot along seams, near areas of the home that water runs next to, and towards the bottom of the panel runs.  Replacing paneled siding is very costly due to the amount of labor required.  We specialize in spot repairs and can even install trim along rotted areas on the bottom of the home to minimize cost.

Cement Board Siding

Cement board siding gives a similar look to wood, but requires less maintenance because it is rot free.  If installed properly, this product will last a long time.  Improper installation can lead to flapping boards, sagging, and bowing.  This product is the most costly but an excellent more durable alternative to wood siding.

  • Worked With Our Insurance Company ( Pam L. - Feb. 10, 2016 )
    We recently had water damage in our attic from an insurance claim. Steady Hands Painting handled the entire claim for us and completed all the work from start to finish. The Steady Hands Team was prompt, reliable, professional, and did quality work. I would consider myself to have a high standard of excellence and this team met my expectations. I appreciated their attention to detail and how organized the job site looked when they came and left each day. I would highly recommend Brad and Billie to my friends and family and would use their services again in the future.
  • Wonderful To Work With ( MaryLee B. - April 4, 2016 )
    Brad and Billie from Steady Hands Painting are wonderful to work with. They are amazingly reliable, talented, creative and collaborative. They painted the exterior of my home and redid my basement family room and bathroom. Taking the time to add extra touches and to make sure every aspect of the project is the best it can be is their signature. They are good communicators which makes the projects fun during the planning phases and when in process. I am looking forward to my next project with Steady Hands Painting.
  • Wonderful Insights on Using a Safe and Quality Paint ( Sujata I. - April 20, 2016 )
    We are putting up our house for sale and wanted to get it painted a neutral color. I got wonderful insights on what would be a good compromise between using a safe /quality paint (I have a 2-month-old) but not go totally overboard with the cost. Both Billie and his painter Andrew were a pleasure to work with. They got the job done well and fast in midst of our chaotic household. I can't thank them enough for not only the work that they did but for being patient with my older one following them around! I'm going to have them come back and paint the garage doors when the weather improves. I would highly recommend them.
  • Great Price For Quality Of Work ( Dustin L. - November 22, 2016 )
    About 4 years ago we got quotes for having our deck refinished in exactly the same way that Steady Hands refinished it. At that time, we received quotes up to $2,500 and never received a quote near the $417 that "The Insurance Company" has reimbursed at this point. When the dust settled we ended up going with a company from Lincoln that cost roughly the same amount (which was the lowest bid we received) as the recent Steady Hands quote, but I can honestly say that the Lincoln company didn't do half as good of a job as Steady Hands did. I will definitely be reaching out to Steady Hands again down the road when the time comes to have our deck refinished again. The price they charge for the quality of work that they offer is second to none.